When Should You Hire a Professional Atlanta Roofing Contractor?


When Should You Hire a Professional Atlanta Roofing Contractor?

21st OF April

Roof repair or replacement is a difficult task for people who are not trained for the job, but for DIYers who know the basics, doing the job themselves is quite a fun and challenging task. But how do we know if we are skilled and qualified enough to take on the job of repairing our roof or replacing them? You should ask yourself the following questions before making the decision on whether you should do the task yourself or hire a professional roofer.

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  • Is the Job Too Difficult?

Everybody knows that a roofing project is a difficult task. Imagine bending, pounding and laying down roofing materials eight hours a day under the heat of the scorching sun or the cold of winter while taking the risk of hurting yourself by a fall off the roof. It is important to know your limits; if you think the job is too much for you, you are afraid of heights or unsure how to do the task at hand you might be in over your head and would be better off hiring a professional roofer. Also remember unless you are properly lilcensed the work you perform will not be covered by warranty. A quick fix not done up to quality standards may cause more damage in the long term to the roof over your Atlanta home.

  • Do You Have the Correct Tools?

Having the right tools to do the job properly is a must when either repairing a roof or installing a new roofing system. Nail guns, air compressors, ladders and amultitude of other equipment will be required to get the job done. If you do not have the correct tools the roofing job will not be accomplished properly and you might end up making the problem worse. Purchasing new tools would defeat the purpose of saving money since tools are quite expensive and could cost you more than hiring an already equiped Atlanta roofing contractor.

  • Will You Require Additional Help?

Roofing projects normally require a second set of hands. The problem with hiring help is that if they accidentally damage tools or roofing materials, or they get hurt while assisting you on your property, you will be liable for it. If you are not a 100% sure about that this is the correct course of action, you can always hire a professional roofer who is ensured against material damage and is covered by workers’ compensation. This protects you by guaranteeing that you will not be held liable and do not have to pay any medical bills or other damages that can occur during the roofing project.

  • Does the Roofing Project Require Permits?

Basic roof repair or patching job does not require any building permits, most other roofing jobs require permitting. If you do not have the proper Atlanta roofing license required for the job you have in mind, you will not be able to obtain a permit for your roofing project. On the contrary, professional Atlanta roofing contractors have all the necessary licenses needed to get the permits required for all types of roofing projects. By hiring a professional roofing contractor you are assured that all jobs done are accomplished according to local and national building codes and standards.

  • Do You Have the Time Rquired to Complete the Project?

Patching your roof could be a seemless task if you just need to repair a small area. But what hat if the extent of the damage requires more time and effort? If you have to go to work come Monday, can you get the job done before the weekend is up? Can you do the repair before the next rain fall? If your answer is no, then the best thing to do is hire a roofing contractor who always has the time and can get the job done in most effecient manner possible. The last thing that you want is to start a job on the most important part of your Atlanta home and not be able to finish it.  Work left uncompleted can end up causing more damage and being more expensive.