When is The Best Time to Replace Your Roof in Atlanta?


When is The Best Time to Replace Your Roof in Atlanta?

24th OF February

When you need to replace your entire roof either due to extensive damage or because of old age, you have to mark your calendar and make a wise decision as to when you will have your Atlanta roofing contractor come by to work on it. The question is: When is the best time to replace or install a new roof in Atlanta?


If you just want to know if you CAN replace your roof in winter, the answer is YES it can be done. However, it would not only be impractical to do so but also extremely dangerous. Although it is possible to install new roof or replace damaged ones, the probability of failure increases exponentially when installed during winter, especially when the temperature is below freezing. How so? Well the tools used by professionals, an Atlanta roofing company, do not work that well in cold temperatures. Also, sealants used to seal shingles needs to warm to about 70 degrees F ambient temperature so during winter it won’t be applied effectively and will take longer than normal to adhere to each other.

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Roofing companies do not see that much clients during spring so this is a great time to contact them and make an appointment for your roof to be replaced. You would not only have more choice for your roof, but you’ll also see a more competitive market all thanks to roofing companies having less business during this season which converts to more savings. Furthermore, spring is a very good time to get your roof replaced because the temperature is not too cold and not too hot, just right for roofing materials to work properly ensuring the best results. 


Atlanta roofing companies and contractors are usually busy during this time of the year, especially at the beginning of summer. On the other hand, when the temperature becomes too warm, shingle installation can become a real challenge to roofing contractors as it affects the asphalt in the shingles making them less stable during installation. During this time, roofers need to be careful with their nail-gun because nails can go through the shingles like they are butter.


The best time of the year to get your roof replaced is in fall. The temperature during this season is enables roofers to work longer hours without getting overly heated, making installation effortless. On top of that, the not so warm and not so cold weather during fall gives time for shingles to seal completely giving it ample time to form the barrier we need before the first snow falls.

The downside of getting your roof replaced or installed during this time is that Atlanta roofing contractors are really busy that sometimes homeowners will have to wait up for weeks before they can get their roofs replaced. Furthermore, prices of roofing materials shoot up during fall because of high demand.

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