What Causes Roof Damage During Summer in Atlanta?


What Causes Roof Damage During Summer in Atlanta?

29th OF February

If you think that your roof is safe from any damage during those hot Atlanta summers, then you need to think again. Even in summer you still have to prepare for storms that can bring devastation to your home & roof. Some damage may be obvious even to the naked eye of the unskilled roofing contractor and many may be not that apparent unless you know what you are looking for. Because you are not highly trained to fix your roof, it is important that you call an Atlanta roofing contractor to examine your roof for any damage caused by a storm; remember a damaged roof, be it small or simple can quickly turn into a bigger problem if left unattended or not properly resolved during the initial repair.

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What are the usual causes of roof damage in Atlanta during the summer?

  • Strong Winds

In summer, one of the most common causes of roof damage is strong winds. Strong winds can lift and blow off shingles from your roof. If you notice that a strong wind passed by, check out the premise around your house and keep an eye for shingles, shingle granules and pieces of shingles. Aside from your yard, you may also want to check out your gutters for possible blown off shingles or shingle granules. If you see any shingles both on your yard or gutters immediately contact an Atlanta roofing company for assistance and get your roof inspected and fixed by a highly trained professional.

  • Fallen Debris

Debris usually come from trees; leaves, twigs, branches, limbs and pine needles. Different parts of trees break off due to moderate to extreme winds and rainfall or simply because a part of the tree is rotten or it is sick. To prevent fallen debris from damaging your roof you should trim back thick branches overhanging your roof or large branches near your house. Aside from directly damaging your roof, fallen debris can also cause disaster if they clog the gutters, causing rain water to build up and soak through your roof.

Furthermore, algae and moss can be transmitted from a nearby tree to your roof and may grow and spread across your roof if not detected and removed. These algae and moss can then collect moisture that would leave dark spots on your roof and cause your shingles and roof to decompose over time.

  • Heat

If you roof is old or has damage that has not been repaired, too much heat from the sun during summer can worsen the condition of your roof and lead to faster roof deterioration.

  • Moisture

Most roof problems are caused by moisture undetected or neglected. Moisture could be from snow, rain or condensation; but no matter what caused it, moisture that is not addressed immediately will leave your roof vulnerable and unprotected. To avoid problems like rot, leaks, mold, mildew and tons more deal with moisture immediately and effectively.

  • Hail

Storm also occurs during summer so do not be surprised if a hail storm passes by your area during this time of the year. a hail storm passed by your area make sure to check your roof for missing shingles or your yard and gutter for blown off parts of your roof. If you discover that your roof is missing parts then you should call an Atlanta roofing company to get help.