It is our goal at All American Roofing & Construction to always deliver a high quality job and customer service. By so doing we reduce the frequency of roof damage, repair or replacement. This will in turn remove the need for you to file insurance claims. 


However, natural disasters and catastrophic events cannot be ruled out completely. Situations like this will warrant you to file insurance claims for roof damages. 


The process for Insurance recovery claim can be cumbersome. However, our professionals at All American Roofing & Construction will alleviate the stress of dealing with the insurance company and undertake all the hard work for you while you relax. Our team will help you  through the insurance recovery and claims process and work directly with the insurance adjusters so you don’t have to.


Hopefully you never have to file a claim for roof damage or replacement based on a catastrophic event. However, if it happens, All American Roofing & Construction will help guide you through the insurance recovery process

Speak to us via our Contact Us page on our website to let us assist you during your insurance recovery claim handled by by one of our All American Roofing & Construction professionals. If you need a long lasting solution to your roofing problem fill our free roof inspection form here.