Removing an existing roof is a very challenging task. It requires the expertise of an experienced roofing contractor. It is the most dangerous aspect of the roofing process due to its high accident rate. Roofers, residents and even pedestrians are under the risk of potential accident from this singular job. The roofers must be safety conscious for an accident free job.

At All American Roofing & Construction we boast of highly skilled professional roof demolition and removing experts who are safety conscious. Our professionals know roofing standards,  implement a safety first policy and adhere to it. Weekly safety meetings and regular safety inspections for both the equipment and the jobsite are mandatory.

We carry out our roof demolition jobs with utmost care. We assure you that we will finish your work on time and efficiently, to minimize the inconvenience you have during the time the work is being completed. Our professionals carry out a thorough cleanup of the work area each day to remove debris from the roof and the worksite.

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