Regular Roof Maintenance & Inspections in Atlanta is a Must


Regular Roof Maintenance & Inpections in Atlanta is a Must

21st OF March

Ensuring that your roof is in good shape and properly maintained will not only keep your house look great from the outside but it would also extend the life of your entire house. Rather than waiting for a simple roof damage to become apparent and a large-scale problem, it is highly recommended that you take the time, at least once a year, to have a professional Atlanta roofing contractor inspect your home to resolve any budding problems your roof may have.

If it is not yet the time of the year for your roofing contractor to conduct an annual inspection of your roof but you feel that something is amiss, as a homeowner it is your responsibility to make certain that your roof is in top form.

Remember it is dangerous to work on a roof so if you have any doubts about your safety call an Atlanta roofing contractor.

What can you do?

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  • Scrutinize your roof (only if it is safe for you to do so) and clear away any fallen or loose debris that may have accrued there. Most probably you will find such as branches, leaves, twigs, pine needles, and even loose shingles. Do not forget to keep an eye out for exposed nail heads, missing granules and loose shingles. Furthermore, to avoid accidents like slipping and falling off your roof make sure that the roof is dry before walking on it.

    After inspecting your roof you should also check the attic and interior ceilings for dark spots, drips and water stains as they are indicators of water seeping in through the roof. Make sure to look out for moss, mold and rotting area as they may cause a bigger problem if left unattended.    

  • If you find any on your roof, get rid of mold and moss using a roof moss remover. Since it is an industrial cleaning product, make sure that you follow the instructions to the letter to prevent any bodily harm. When using a roof moss remover, all you have to do is spray it on the moss affected area, wait for it to do its job and afterward use a soft bristled broom or brush to brush off the mold and moss. Avoid using forceful tools as it may only cause more damage to your roof.

  • Routinely clean out your gutters and downspouts using soft-bristled brush and water hose; make sure that you remove any fallen debris to ensure the smooth flow of water off your roof when it rains. Do not forget to check for any missing caulk or other pieces, cracks, holes, peeling paint and rotting.

  • Inspect your chimneys, vents and skylights for any dried out or dispersing caulk. You should also consider checking out the chimney for any damage, cracks or missing pieces. It would also do your house tons of good if you inspect vent outlets and skylights.  

If you feel like it would cost you too much time and energy or you think it is not safe to personally do the instructions above, do not hesitate to contact an Atlanta roofing company to do the job for you.

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