Our Commitment

Our Commitment

Our goal is to please every customer and maintain an elite status in the field of insurance recovery and claims specialties. We focus on the on the core basic fundamentals of our craft, but put high value in continuous improvement in our abilities to help the customer and achieve the best results. 



All American Roofing and construction will provide clear and constant communication throughout your entire claims process. We will be on time and courteous in every scheduled contact.



We strive to add peace of mind for everyone we deal with and give 110 percent effort to make your family as comfortable as possible. We commit to adding value and efficiency to your property. We use the finest products and top tier labor to guarantee that every job is a job well done and one we can both be excited about. We work with all insurance companies and maintain a good relationships with them. After all we have a symbiotic relationship. 



Our team is comprised of consultants, contractors, and have worked with many insurance adjusters in the Atlanta area. A dangerous combination and exactly what you need.    


 Call us at 770-653-8888 or sign up for your free roof inspection now.