How to Make Your Atlanta Roof Last Longer


How to Make Your Atlanta Roof Last Longer

23rd OF October

The roof over our head is definitely one of the most important components of our house. It insulates and protects our home from the hazards of heavy rainfall, searing heat of the sun, strong winds, torrential snowfall and frightening thunderstorms. If the roof fails, everything underneath it (sheathing, insulation, drywall and framing) will surely deteriorate and be destroyed, leaving the foundation with nothing to support or secure. Since the purpose of your Atlanta roof is to protect the inner structure of our home from the outside elements and harsh weather, it is important that we learn how to keep it in tip top condition.

Get Your Free Roof Inspection

Get Your Free Roof Inspection

There are numerous roofing materials to choose from in the market and each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. You just have to remember that not just because a certain type of roof seems best for other people, does not necessarily mean that it is best suited for your house too since best roofing material differs by situation. What we have to gather as much information possible about the different roofing materials we can use, how it should function, how to maintain it and how long is its’ lifespan for us tin order to choose the best Atlanta roofing material for you the client.

  • Asphalt Roof

Asphalt roofing is one of the most common roofing materials used in the United States today. Compared to other roofing materials it is economical and modestly priced but definitely does not last as long as the other more expensive ones; it can last 15-20 years depending on how you maintain it. Asphalt roof is easy to maintain and there are a lot of Atlanta roofing professionals who are trained to work with it so getting it repaired is relatively easy.

  • Metal Roof

You may think of metal roof being used on barnyards from eons ago but it has come a long way and has improved in terms of design. It is absolutely one of the most durable and dependable roofing material we have in the market and can last for up to 40 years or so. On top of that it is exceedingly low-maintenance so all you really have to do is spend a little on purchasing high quality metal roof and get it installed y a Atlanta roofing professional.

  • Wood Shingle & Shake Roofing

Wood roofs are beautiful because of its rustic appeal; however, it is prone to problems and requires high-maintenance. Moisture and insects are its biggest enemies so you have to make sure that it has been treated prior to installation, keep it dry and clean as possible to prevent moisture buildup. Life expectancy of wood roof is less than 30 years.

  • Tile &  Slate

In the Southern and Western region, tile and slate roofing are the most popular because of their quality and durability. These types of roofing materials are low-maintenance and can last 50 or even a hundred years. On the other hand, because of their long lifespan they are also the most expensive roofing materials in the market. Maintaining it is not a problem, although you should choose a high quality material initially to guaranty performance and long life expectancy.

This is just a little bit about Atlanta roofing materials and you should talk to an experienced Atlanta roofing contractor to help decide which material is best for you.  Remember to always have a yearly inspection of your roof to ensure that what could be an easy roof repair does not turn into a roof that requires installation. 

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