Frequently Asked Questions to Atlanta Roofing Contractors


Frequently Asked Questions to Atlanta Roofing Contractors

24th OF February

As homeowners we are always worried about our property as we have invested a lot of time, money and emotions into it. Some of our main concerns when it comes to our houses are safety, stability and soundness. With this in mind, here are the answers to the commonly asked questions to Atlanta roofing contractors by homeowners that want more information about roof repair and replacement.

  • Can My Roof be Replaced?

About 90 per cent of the time the answer to this question is YES! Skilled and veteran roofing contractors can repair numerous roofing problems like replacing compromised or blown off shingles, patch holes, fix leaks, mold, rot and other types of damages. In case the damage on your roof is far extensive for repairs, a good and reliable roofing contractor can replace your entire roof with a brand new, top-quality yet cost-effective roof that not only does its job but also adds glamour to your house.

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In the event your roof needs to be replaced, remember that it is practical and highly advised that the remaining old shingles be removed before a new one is installed rather than keep the existing shingles and layer the new one on top of it. The logic behind this good practice is that if you layer the new shingle on top of the old, it will make your roof heavier causing the structural integrity of you home get compromised. On top of that, manufacturer warranty usually do not cover shingles laid in this manner due to the warping that normally occurs when shingles are not places down flat on a clean roof. Also, if shingles do not fit the roof, it will be impossible to seal them properly making them prone to damage and being blown off. Furthermore, if new shingles are layered on top of the old ones, your roofing contractor will not be able to check the roofing deck for moisture problems or any damage before installing the new roof.

  • How Much will it Cost to have a New Roof Installed?

Cost varies significantly depending on your roofing contractor, size of your roof, type of shingle you want to use, materials to be used for the roof installation. You also have to take into consideration permits, license and labor expenses. To get a better cost estimate you may want to call an Atlanta roofing company.

  • How Long will it Take for a New Roof to be Installed?

Factors you have to take into account are the size of your house, weather and complexity of work to be done. But in most cases it can be done in 1 day.

  • What are the Areas that Need to be Checked during Repair or Inspection?

It is important that you get your roof inspected once a year to ensure that your roof is in good condition. Make sure that the chimney, vents and skylights do not have any damage, cracks, missing parts or disintegrating caulk. Do not forget to inspect the gutters and downspouts for any blockages, leaks, holes, cracks and missing caulk. Other things for you to look out for are mold, rot, moss, missing granules on shingles, warping, cracking, blown off shingles and exposed nail heads.

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  • How to Choose an Atlanta Roofing Contractor?

To know that you are dealing with trustworthy and reputable Atlanta roofing contractor get a detailed quote for your roof repair/replacement.  It would also be helpful to ask family and friends who have recently had their roof replaced or repaired by that contractor; find out if the roofing contractor did the job properly in a timely manner, cleaned up afterwards, and stood by your agreement. You should also check online for reviews from their previous clients.