Findlay Roofing

Findlay Roofing

Just because a roofing company is big like Findlay Roofing does not mean that you are going to get the best service you require as a client.  Bigger does not always mean better, especially in the Atlanta Roofing market.  

Roofing solutions are a vital part of every house maintenance initiatives! And whilst there can be people that always have a bias on bigger roofing firms over the smaller or the local ones – it is true that even the biggest roofing firms will make a mistakes while installing or repairing roofs in Atlanta.

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Having access to the best roofing contractor is a combination of good research and the ability to appoint a professional at hand who doesn’t make any installation errors. Just because it is a big company like Findlay Roofing does not mean it does not have its drawbacks. The best idea is to contact various roofing contractors and ensure that you feel comfortable with the client service they are providing. 

Bigger firms such as Findlay Roofing and Dr. Roof with excessive client requests are in a hurry to complete the client order and move to next one. Your communication with the contractor may be limited and the follow up after a job is completed can be a long drawn out process if changes or repairs need to be made to their work.  

Many smaller firms offer a specialized and individual approach to the roofing needs of the customers, ensuring increased consumer delight, quality work and a complete value for money investment. 

In Atlanta there are multiple roofing contractors to choose from big it the large firms like Findlay Roofing, Dr Roof and others to smaller more client oriented firms like All American Roofing & Construction LLC.  Your Atlanta roof installation is only as good as the quality of the local roofing contractors who are installing it. What matters most is matching the qualifications and service of the local Atlanta roofing contractors to your specific needs.

For larger companies such as Findlay Roofing the person supervising the project is normally a foreman or general manager.  The smaller companies have more of a a hands on method of working.  The higher level employees including the owner will normally be onsite to supervise the roof installation or repair to ensure that it is performed correctly.  Having that upper management or owner on site to ensure that the company reputation is kept high ensures high quality roofing service.

Another benefit of using a smaller roofing company as opposed to Findlay Roofing is pricing flexibility.  For larger firms there is normally a pricing structure that must be followed by employees when it comes to the bidding process.  The owner cannot go through each submitted estimate and review pricing.  With the smaller companies they are usually able to run the quote by the owner if it is not the owner personally doing the inspection to quote based on what the client can afford.  It is not a take it or leave it pricing structure.

A final benefit of using a smaller roofing company over Findlay Roofing in Atlanta is the crews being used.  Smaller companies normally use 3 to 4 crews with whom they have worked with for years and with whom they have professional relationships.  The larger companies might need to go out and hire people as work comes in not knowing much about the people they are working with and what quality work they will perform.

So it is up to you on whether to use a company like Findlay Roofing or a smaller company like All American Roofing and construction……

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