Filing An Atlanta Roofing Storm Damage Insurance Claim


Filing An Atlanta Roofing Storm Damage Insurance Claim

15th OF June

It is hurricane season again and which means it is time to review our Atlanta home insurance policies to check the coverage of our plans and see what help we can obtain in case of property damage caused by a the effects of the high winds and rain of the upcoming storms.

Getting Ready for the Storm

How storm damage is defined is very crucial when it comes to your home insurance claim. The main reason behind this is that an insurance company makes “a storm” difficult to define; however, very high winds and strong rain, snow and hail are likely to feature during a storm. There are also instances when insurers argue with the policy holder on whether a storm did occur, and whether the home damage was indeed caused by a storm or if it was the primary cause of damage to the house. This is why it is important to have a licensed Atlanta roofing contractor on your side during the insurance claim process.  

Get Your Free Roof Inspection

Because Hurricane season began on June 1st, it is important to take steps in order to protect our homes and investments. It is important to make sure of is that your property is well maintained to ensure that you can file a claim for storm damage. Remember that an ill-maintained property will make the property owner ineligible to make a claim as the insruance company may say that the damage on the property was not caused by the storm but rather because the properly was not maintained by the owner. Insurance companies stay in business by limiting the amount of claims they process.

After the Storm

First and foremost, take note of the exact date and time of the storm as the the insurance claims manager will ask for this information. Try to take pictures or videos of the destruction caused by the storm as it can help you authenticate and support your claim. Your second step is to contact a reputable, licensed Atlanta roofing company and have them provide a roof inspection to detail the storm damage to your roof. Upon arrival, the roofing specialist will walk your roof to assess your roof and determine if it has sustained storm damage to warrant an insurance claim. Just be clear with the roofing contractor that you are just requesting for an inspection and no repairs are to be done at that point and ask that he outline the storm damage with chalk and take photos of the said area that has been damaged.

Once it is determined that the roof has bee damaged by the storm it is time to file a claim. Although you have probably already done this, find a copy of your homeowner’s insurance policy and take note of your policy number and deductible. You then have to organize your records and proof of damage including the photos and videos you have taken. Your next step is to call the insurance company and provide all necessary details they will request; you will be given a claim number once all the information has been entered in their database. Afterwards, an insurance claims examiner will be assigned to your case and he/she will designate a claims adjuster who will officially inspect your roof and prepare a repair estimate.

The Insurance Adjuster

The designated claims adjuster will contact you to make an appointment to inspect your roof. Make sure that you are at home on the said date and time and offer to share the photos and videos you have taken during and after the storm. On the day of the inspection, arrange for the Atlanta roofing contractor you initially asked to inspect your roof to be by your side to meet the adjuster, walk the roof together and discuss the initial findings. After the inspection, the adjuster will write a report on his findings and prepare the estimate for the Atlanta roof repairs or replacement of the roof and forward it to the claims examiner assigned to your case. The examiner will review the report and decide on whether to reject or approve your claim.

Although it has been stated throughout this article, having a licensed Atlanta roofing company by your side during this entire process. Atlanta roofing contractors have gone through the insurance claims process with each of the insurance providers in the area.  They will ensure that you get the insurance company to pay the maximum amount possible for Atlanta roof repairs and replacement after a storm blows through.

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