Determining Roof Damage & Choosing an Atlanta Roofing Contractor


Determining Roof Damage & Choosing an Atlanta Roofing Contractor

18th OF February

If you live anywhere in the world, and especially Atlanta, you know that weather is pretty unpredictable and disaster can strike any moment without notice. While hail is common in Georgia all throughout the year, in recent years above average hail storms have hit different areas of Atlanta and there are even times when hail storms have produced baseball-sized hail which is capable of creating massive damage to residential roofs throughout Atlanta and the surrounding suburbs. 

Even when a storm does not produce hail, your roof can still be stressed and damaged by strong winds that overtime can weaken our roof and compromise its structure.  As homeowners of houses sitting in the path of storms we have to be proactive in checking our roofs for any strong wind or hail damage.     


The problem when determining the extent of roof damage caused by strong wind or hail is that it is not always obvious to the naked eye especially when you are just checking out your roof from the ground. Furthermore, it is easy to miss hail damage if you are not trained for it; that is why it is important to call the specialists, an Atlanta roofing company, to check our roof for us to determine the extent of the damage caused by strong winds or hail.

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Left unchecked and in disrepair, the damage caused by strong winds or a hail storm might not cause our roof to leak for years but by then it will be too late since the damage was not addressed immediately. This makes it critical to have someone who is qualified to inspect our roof immediately after the storm, someone that knows about roof repair in Atlanta. Doing so would also help you have a valid insurance claim to file with your insurance company. 

Although some roof damage are not as obvious to neophyte roofers, there are some potential roof hail and wind damage that can be easily detected.

Dents or bruising on the roof’s asphalt shingle
Granules are missing from the shingle (roofing shingle has ‘bald spots’)
Affected roofing shingles feel softer to the touch
Granules are present in the gutters or at the base of downspouts
Tears, buckling around roof penetrations
Excess cement, crumbling
Metal air vents, gutters and siding are damaged and dented

After checking your roof, the next thing done is to perform an indoor inspection. You should look out for moisture marks, stains and peeling paints as they usually indicate damaged and leaking roof. We should also be mindful of our attic and check if there are any damp rafters or leaks. Another obvious indicator that our roof ventilation has been jeopardized is when we experience a sudden surge of electric bill. 

If you notice roof damage it is wise to call an Atlanta roofing contractor like All American Roofing & Construction to do a professional inspection and take care of any needed roof repair. 

Remember though that there are many disreputable outfits claiming they are legitimate roofing companies to earn quick cash, on any local directory like if you check the roofing section. They would do a sloppy job and get out of town before you get the chance to check the quality of work done leaving you little recourse. To avoid falling into this kind of trap it is important that before conducting business with any entity always ask to see business permits or licenses, certifications, proof of insurance and BBB rating when choosing from the many Atlanta Roofing Contractors.

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