Common Atlanta Roofing Problems


Common Atlanta Roofing Problems

08th OF December

Atlanta Roofing – Extended exposure to rough elements lowers the strength of your roofing structure, calling for restorations. Visible or invisible, these problems reduce the value of your house that can only be regained through costly repairs. Often, roofing structures are at their best at installation and tend to deteriorate over time. You need not wait until there are cracks for you to hire Atlanta roofing contractors, while you could monitor the state of the structure, and repair on time. Nevertheless, you could be victim to the following problems:

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Roof Leaks

Roof leaks occur in almost types of roofs and are caused by different reasons. Poor fastening of flashing details or substantial interruption could cause lead to moisture and roof leakages. In some instances, the problems occur when the structure lacks a strong moisture barrier underneath the coping cap. Moisture infiltration might be caused by inadequate head laps as well as backwater laps. Whatever the cause, Atlanta roofing contractors helps you restore your roof to the original state.

Poor Workmanship

You probably have heard of failed roof restorations, or even have fallen to such traps. It is likely to happen when you are out for the lowest bidders, and fail to conduct background research on the contractors. While they will claim to have in-depth expertise on the field, most fail to live the promise they make, leaving a poorly installed roof. They fail to make the needed preparations, which triggers premature aging and failure.

Ponding Water

Common in all types of roofs, incidental ponding water takes a toll on the structure. If you can clear all the water passing over the roof, it is likely to function to its expected lifespan. Failure to give ample slope sets the stage for ponding water, which comes compounds UV rays, responsible for the damage. When it happens, you need to check the cause before commencing repairs.

Inappropriate Repairs

The fact that most roofing structures are duped strong does not exempt them from wear and tear. The roofing accessories are most likely to wear before the materials, weakening the major joints. Using the wrong accessories, tools or procedures for roof repairs causes permanent damage that could call for re-installation. Be sure to follow the manufactures guide when it comes to Atlanta roof installations, maintenance, repairs, and replacements and use a licensed Atlanta roofing company.


Post installation punctures are common in spray polyurethane foam and single ply roofing systems. Most people attribute the issues to high traffic areas, hence the need to install exclusive pathways or sacrificial layers of roofing materials to prevent the damage. Traffic is likely to increase during heavy construction works, which leaves cuts on the membranes destroying the beneath substrate. When it happens, the leaks are evident and often exempt you from the manufacturer’s guarantee. It pays to reduce traffic on the surface and conduct inspections after any activity on the roof.

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