Avoiding Atlanta Roofing Scams


Avoiding Atlanta Roofing Scams

28th OF June

Just like any scam or con artists, roofing scammers are everywhere and will do anything to hustle and rip you off as much as they can without doing much work. There are even established roofing companies that use deceitful strategies and catch you off guard in order to gain business. The trick for us homeowners is to learn how to spot roofing scammers before we spend money on Atlanta roof repair or Atlanta roof replacement work that is not up to standard.

Take note that elderly, single women and those who seem like they can afford to pay cash right off are the usual targets of roofing scammers since these types of people can be easily deceived. These scammers will come prepared with stories of how they are your “knight in shining armor” but do not be easily fooled for they are more than likely out to get you quickly separated from your money.

So what are the common scams Atlanta roofering contractors use to get more business?

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Storm Chasing – This is an unflattering and degrading name for roof repairmen who come knocking on doors right after a storm. They usually look for homes that sustained storm or water damages, some even knock from door to door, and offer to make repairs for what will seem like a fair price but after payments are made they will either disappear before any actual repair is done or make a substandard Atlanta roof repair that is not worth the money you paid. Remember that highly skilled and reputable roofing contractors need not knock on your door to offer to make repairs; rather they are generally called by customers or referred by other clients that used the same Atlanta Roofing contractor.  The exception to this rule is if an Atlanta roofing company is performing a roof installation in your neighborhood it is common for them to try to contact those in that area to see if they also need roofing assistance.

Bait and Switch Estimates – This is a tactic employed by some roofing contractors to make more money. During your first meeting, you will be given a low estimate but these contractors will then add additional expenses for undocumented roofing problems to their original bid, which will then inflate the final cost.

Inflated Damage Reports – Another typical ploy used by roofing contractors looking to gain your busines in an unethical manner is providing imprecise information regarding the actual extent of the roof damage. They can make up problems to inflate the bid and make it seem like the price they quoted is reasonable and fair. This gimmick is very effective on homeowners who are not familiar with their own roof or roofing terminology.

Suspicious Deductible Work – This roofing scam happens when the homeowner has roofing insurance and they are filing a roof claim. The repairman will offer to waive the deductible fee so you won’t have to pay anything for the repair that will be done. This may seem like a very good offer but take note that behind this is a possible case of insurance fraud; the roofer may convince you to give fraudulent report to your insurance provider or he may lessen the price of the roof repair after the claim has already been sent. Either way, these options are illegal.

Down Payments – Do not in any way agree to pay any down payment for any roofing project you need done. It may seem reasonable to pay an upfront amount for huge roofing projects but do not feel obliged to do so for you will only make it pretty easy for scammers to disappear into the night after they receive your payment. Contracts don’t mean anything if you are signing with a company that does not exist. Reputanble Atlanta roofing contractors have the ability to collect after the Atlanta roofing work has been completed. It is not uncommon for a professional Atlanta roofing company to have a large amount of money to be collected from work completed for clients.  

Just a note of advice, if you really need to have an Atlanta roof repair or replacement do a thorough research and find a reputable Atlanta roofing company who will provide you high quality service at a fair price. You can ask family and friends for referrals or do an online research to find a roofer that is vetted by a trade association or have good a rating from the BBB.

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