Atlanta Roofing; Using Pack Out Services for Storm Water Damage


Atlanta Roofing; Using Pack Out Services for Storm Water Damage

24th OF June

Since the start of hurricane season this June, we as homeowners in Atlanta can’t help but be worried due to possible damage the storms can cause our homes. It is best to know what we can do or who to call in case our homes sustain internal water damage caused by a storm or hurricane.

When water gets inside your home and you experience significant water damage; it is often best to remove your belongings and furniture and have them transported to a different location by making use of pack out services. Pack out services help avert further damage as well as the company prividing these services will perform cleaning, restoration and deodorization of your household goods. Furthermore, moving your things off site clears the way for faster home restoration, Atlanta roof repair and Atlanta roof replacement if necessary.

By hiring All American Roofing and Construction for their pack out services you are assured of quality service at a very fair price. Now what exactly are pack out services?

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Damage Assessment

Highly trained professionals will be sent to your home to assess the damage and survey the contents to determine which ones can be cleaned, restored and replaced. During this inspection All American Roofing and Construction will work with you and your insurance provider to decide which restoration procedure will fit your needs and benefit you most.

Pack Out Service Process

  • Pack Out Contents – The first step is to separate the items you need immediately; this includes clothing, medication and household goods you use on a daily basis. Afterwards, a complete inventory of your household will be created of all goods that will be packed and transported out of your home. Your household goods will then be carefully packed up in boxes and taken to a relocation facility.
  • Cleaning, Treating and Storing – Your household items will be taken to a climate-controlled facility where they will be handled with care by experts who perform surface cleaning, dry cleaning, deep-down cleaning, thorough water extraction, drying out, disinfection and odor removal using the latest cleaning techniques and top of the line equipment. Once cleaned and restored to their pre-loss condition, your items will then be repacked inside new boxes and stored in a secure facility until you home is ready for their return.
  • Pack In – Once your house is ready for your cleaned and restored household items to be returned, All American Roofing & Construction will arrange a convenient date and time to deliver your items and place them exactly where you want them placed.


In cases of storm damage you may consider hiring a standard moving company to take care of your household stuff or try to do it yourself but take note that that is not the best way to handle your furniture and other belongings after a disaster; instead of preserving your items you may end up causing more damage. Remember that it takes immediate professional attention to properly clean and treat your possessions as well as assist you in filing an insurance claim.

All American Roofing & Construction is more than just an Atlanta roofing company.  Besides Atlanta roof repair and Atlanta roof installation we will ensure that your life is returned to normal after mother nature reaks havoc on your home and belongings.  We focus on Atlanta roofing insurance claims and work with you the homeowner to make sure that your roof insurance claim is processed quickly and effeciently and provide the pack out services you require to make your damaged house a home again.

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