Atlanta Roofing; Preparing Your Roof for Hurricane Season


Atlanta Roofing; Preparing Your Roof for Hurricane Season

14th OF June

A hurricane is one of the most menacing and disastrous weather conditions Mother Nature can conjure up. It is a huge storm with devastating strong winds that spiral inward and upward at 75 to 200 mph speeds and can last for over a week. In so saying, don’t assume that only areas near the Atlantic basin should be worried about tropical systems and that since Atlanta, Georgia is inland you are safe from this calamity.

In 2005 alone, different hurricanes brought catastrophe to Georgia and nearby states; Hurricane Dennis’ destruction cost the state $25 million, hurricane Cindy caused losses close to $72 million and hurricane Katrina caused damages estimated at $108 billion for the entire USA.

Although being in the path of a hurricane cannot be avoided, you can actually protect your home from the strong winds and torrential rainfall it brings along. If you take steps to ensure your roof is ready for a hurricane, you can minimize the possible damage it may cause your Atlanta home, so it is imperative that you prepare your roof in time.

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Roof Inspection

To ensure the stability and soundness of your roof it is advised that you get an annual roof inspection so you would be able to address any budding Atlanta roofing problems and can avoid getting into a troublesome situation. The annual inspection is best done before the hurricane season which stated on June 1st so any issue, no matter how slight it is, will be immediately addressed by the Atlanta roofing contractor. Make sure to check the shingles, and the edges and perimeters of your roofing system since a loose roofing system is prone to blow offs; strong winds brought on by a hurricane can get under the edges and loosen your roof system which may create a domino effect and cause mroe damage than if easy Atlanta roof repairs had been performed. Remember that keeping your roof strapped down during a hurricane not only protects your entire family and your possessions safe, but will also protect your neighbors from flying debris should any part of your roof break off due to strong winds.


It might sound like an expensive and cumbersome task but maintaining your roof doesn’t have to be. Just make sure to contact a reputable and reliable Atlanta roofing company to maintain your roof in order to enhance its durability and prolong its lifespan and usefulness. A roofing contractor may also be able to install metal hurricane straps or clips to anchor the roof to the home’s walls from the inside. Bear in mind that maintaining the soundness of your roof gives it a better chance of prevailing against the destructive winds of a hurricane.

For detailed information about other steps you can take to prepare your roof for the hurricane season get in touch with your local Atlanta roofing company. Secure your roof and secure your family.

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