Atlanta Roofing Contractors

Atlanta Roofing Contractors

Atlanta Roofing Contractors will help you know when it is tome to replace your roof in the Atlanta area.  The last thing that you want to do is wait for what could have been just a minor roof repair becomes a bigger issue and you need an entire roof replacement before the roof lifespan is over. Atlanta Roofing Contractors will perform the yearly roof inspection needed to ensure that the roof over your head is in good condition and that there are no budding problems.

Your roof protects you from the elements, provides you a sense of security and for many, it is a prime investment for property value. In order to increase our home’s value and protect its’ structural integrity, you have to ensure that our roof is in good condition. But How? You have to keep in mind that most roofs need to be replaced every 20-30 years depending on the type of roofing material used. It should also be inspected once or twice a year. Although minor damage can be patched or repaired, if the roof is already worn out and a large area has been damaged, it is best to replace the roof before a leak develops and damage the house interior.  This is the job for Atlanta Roofing Contractors such as All American Roofing & Construction.

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House Inspection

When buying a house, it is important that you ask the seller when the roof was installed. This will give you an idea on the possible time when you need to get it replaced. You should also consider hiring one of the many Atlanta Roofing Contractors who can check the roof’s condition to determine the remaining lifespan of the roof before it requires replacement.

You yourself can also do an ocular inspection around the house to not get blindsided. When doing an inspection from the ground look out for any missing shingles or bald spots since they are an obvious sign of roof problem; check for any dull or flat appearance – when granules wear off, the shingles’ ability to shed water is reduced; lastly examine the shingle edges for curling as it means poor ventilation or dried out asphalt base. Keep in mind that when curling happens it is a definite sign that your roof needs replacement since there is no way to get that patched up. Although you can do a naked eye inspection it is important Atlanta Roofing Contractors come out and perform a thorough inspection to give you the precise overview of the needs of your roof. 

Cracked or Bubbled Shingles

When you see any cracked or bubbled shingle do not waste time and get in touch with an Atlanta Roofing Contractor. Do not try to get up on your roof by yourself if you have this kind of problem because it may break or come loose which will cause you to fall off your roof.

Another indicator that you need a new roof is moss growing on your shingles. For moss to grow it needs moisture, and if moss is growing on your shingles that means the shingles are no longer doing their job of repelling water and moisture. But just to be sure of the real condition of your roof shingles, you may want to remove the moss first and take it from there.

Replacement Costs

If after inspecting your roof, by yourself or even better bringing Atlanta Roofing Contractors to your property, you determine that your roof needs to be replaced make sure to get several estimates before making a deal. Find out if the estimate provided includes the removal of old shingles and disposal of the debris; you do not want to get stuck with the old shingles and we definitely do not want them littering our yard. Currently a complete roofing system that includes tear-off and disposal of all job-related debris price varies depending on your location, roof size, pitch, type of application, materials used and number of layers used.  Contact Atlanta Roofing Contractors today and get a free roof inspection by clicking the link below.

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