Atlanta Roofing 101; What You Need To Know Before Roof Replacement


Atlanta Roofing 101; What You Need To Know Before Roof Replacement

14th OF November

The roof forms a vital part of your home as it gives the first line of protection against weather elements. Roof wear and tear occurs gradually, making it hard to spot until a clogged gutter pushes water beneath the shingles of the system. Upon identification, you probably wonder whether you need to install a new roof or repair the broken areas. Whichever the route for Atlanta roofing, consider All American Roofing & Construction for professional reliable yet affordable Atlanta roofing contractor.

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Signs a Damaged Roof

Amid growing cases of broken roofs, not knowing when you need Atlanta roof repair and Atlanta roof replacement leaves you vulnerable to external elements. You need not wait until the structure falls off the trusses to call for professional installations. Be on the lookout for missing and cracked shingles, leaks, worn-out shingles, and buckling, as they signify deteriorating roof that calls for immediate replacement or repair. Water damage following heavy snow and rains causes mold growth, which needs immediate attention.

Replace or Repair?

Roof deterioration calls for professional assessment to ascertain the level of damage. While some might not warrant an expert, a professional roofer gives ample information that guides the need for a repair or replacement. Other than for the storm damaged, you can restore through fixing the damaged areas, which lowers the total cost. However, that is likely to invalidate your warranty since most roofing manufacturers do not offer guarantee partially replaced roofs. You need to know the implications for each course of action. An honest Alanta roofing company will not try to chanrge you for things that do not need to be performed.

The Total Cost

It starts with identifying the leakages in your roof before establishing the most suitable restoration work. Roof repair is likely to take a toll on your pockets hence the need to create the cost first hand. The size of the roofing area impacts directly on the cost of restoration while the level of damage determines the scope of work involved. By 2015, the cost of midrange replacement stood at 18,488 with the cost of recouping at 63%.

Often the square footage determines the volume of the material, which takes a significant part of the total cost. The labor costs vary based on the scope while the additional installations are likely to raise the entire spend. While you are out for the best possible bargain, cheap is not always the best, if it does not live to the quality you need.

Other than the roof restoration, homeowners can avert the costly practice through regular maintenance programs. The gutters form the bulk of the roofing problems hence the need to keep it clean regularly. It helps to sweep the roof and remove debris such as leaves and branches that cause rust and physical tear to the shingles. While you need to inspect the condition of the roof after a storm, avoid walking on steep and wet Atlanta roofing systems.

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