Atlanta Roofing 101; What to Know About Your Roof Warranty


Atlanta Roofing 101; What to Know About Your Roof Warranty

06th OF June

Be it an Atlanta roof repair or Atlanta roof replacement the work will require financial resources and time so it is of the utmost importance that it is done correctly the first time around.  For Atlanta homeowners, one of the concerns when getting a new or replacement roof is the warranty for the materials used and the Atlanta roofing work performed. But what do these two warranties really mean and what guarantee do they give you?

Manufacturer Material Warranty

According to the National Roofing Contractors Association the length of warranty of roofing products should not be used as a basis or standard when choosing a roof system because the warranty does not automatically mean satisfactory performance. A lot of consumers have the idea that long-term warranties are extensive or all-inclusive insurance policies that cover any roofing problem that may arise no matter what the cause or circumstances are; and this is actually very far from the truth. Everyone of us must understand that even the most thorough and comprehensive manufacturer warranty policies that promise to provide coverage for both materials and workmanship have specifications regarding which roof leak will be insured and repaired without additional payment from the homeowner.  Furthermore, there are even some manufacturers that issue long-term warranties that are no longer operating companies, who leave their consumers with ineffective warranties and you will be paying out of your own pocket for repairs “covered in the warranty”.

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On the other hand, there are some roofing products that come with lifetime warranty but the coverage is only good for as long as you live in your house, so if you sell the house then the warranty is voided. Also, most warranties have prohibitions and will not pay the entire cost of reroofing which includes roof removal, disposal of old roofing materials, labor cost and cost for flashing. There are even warranties that will only cover the replacement or repair of the roof that actually leaks, while some warranties are prorated after 10 years. In so saying, we have to be very careful when reading the warranties provided by the roofing manufacturer to know the full coverage of the warranty provided.

Although the above may make you think twice about getting a warranty for your Atlanta roofing project, that is not necessarilty true.  Have the Atlanta roofing contractor that you hire go through the warranty information with you in detail to make an informed decision on what roofing material is best for your home and what are the stipulations and details of the roofing materials manufacturer warranty.  An example of a warranty being of use at one Atlanta roofing contractor is the shingles provided were slightly a different color as when they are being made they can differ slightly depnding on the materials being used.  If you used a well established company they will not only replace the shingles they will pay for the work that needs to be done to ensure your Atlanta roofing project and the roof over your home looks perfect.  Some companies will not do this, so make sure you talk to a professional and licensed Atlanta roofng company and you are provided with the manufacturer roof warrany details.

Workmanship Warranty

Make sure you know the spcific detiails on the Atlanta roofing workmanship warranty as this warranty differs from Atlanta roofing contractor to Atlanta roofing contractor.  In many cases Atlanta roofing problems are usually brought on by poor workmanship or installation so getting a warranty for any work done on your roof will give you reassurance that any problem with the installation will be covered at no additional expense. Just make sure though that you hire a reputable Atlanta roofing company that will give you a written contract specifying that the warranty covers any issue with the installation and that they will repair any roofing problem that you may have for a certain period of time after the installation.

To know which company or roofing contractor to hire you can always ask referral from relatives and friend, do your research online and call the company for more information. You can also check with BBB to find out more about a specific roofing company. Remember that it is always wise to know all your options and all information to make an informed decision before staring your Atlanta roofing project.   Make sure that the Atlanta roofing contrator you choose is established and has a track record in the industry. Your warranty will not be worth the paper it is written on if the company you hire is not around when you are in need of an Atlanta roof repair due to poor workmanship on your home.

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