Atlanta Roofing 101; To Replace or Nor Replace Your Roof This Winter?


Atlanta Roofing 101; To Replace or Nor Replace Your Roof This Winter?

21st OF November

Atlanta Roofing – As a homeowner, you probably do the repair of your leaking during summer when the weather is dry and convenient. Although doing the repair during summer is reasonable, doing the same at winter is almost equally comfortable beside the typical limitations on materials by All American Roofing & Construction. For Atlanta Roofing contractors getting your roof ready for the cold winter elements is of the utmost importance,

While most people may not believe it, many roofing projects happen during winter and are equally successful. In fact, when your roof shows signs of leaking, the contraction and expansion of the roofing supplies that happens as a result thawing and freezing can make t worse leading to severe leaks. A contractor will work comfortably on your roof even during the extreme cold season to effectively get rid of snow and ice. As a matter of fact, many roofers prefer working during the winter than during summer.

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Because roofing materials behave diversely in conditions less than forty degrees, it is necessary to understand what materials to install during winter and which ones not to.

Flat Roofs

Mostly consist of not more than double flat roof system and are suitable for installation during winter. The alternative to this roof systems are the rubber roofs. However, rubber roofs are not ideal for installing in conditions that are below forty degrees since the adhesives in it will only freeze instead of bonding. With that said, it is in the best interest to hold off such roof systems until summer. The same case applies to peel-and-stick

Sloped Roofs

The most popular materials in sloped roofing are Asphalt shingles. Although the installation of such materials is possible during winter, enough caution is necessary for roofers not to crack or bend the shingles. Additionally, the shingles require heat from the sun for them to properly seal. As a result, such materials are not exactly suitable for installation during winter. Installing them during winter can even result to them blowing off or leaking. Moreover, Asphalt shingles are vulnerable to ice dams resulting from inadequate ventilation or poor ventilation.

Another type of roofing material is the metal roofs. Metal roofs are suitable for installation in any weather condition without having to compromise the quality of the same. Even the extreme cold weather conditions have no effect on metal roofs because the hardly crack. The metal roof features a design that accurately allows for contraction and expansion hence external temperatures will not make any difference.

Before deciding on any roofing projects, it is necessary to have a lengthy discussion with your contractor about the suitability of the material being used. Weather conditions will surely affect the appropriateness of some roofing systems such as sloped and flat roofs.

If you are in need of Atlanta Roofing, the time to get your repairs and installs performed is now. 

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