Atlanta Roofing 101; The Best Time to Install a New Roof


Atlanta Roofing 101; The Best Time to Install a New Roof

02nd OF January

Atlanta Roofing – If you are building a home, you might be wondering about the best time to install the roof. Different people subscribe to different perceptions that often drive their decisions. As for the Atlanta roofing experts like American Roofing & Construction, it is more than just the weather conditions. It starts with making a decision to install as opposed to rushing into the site unprepared. If you want to get the best out of the roofing structure, Atlanta Roofing Companies recommend the following periods:

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Fall is the time before the winter season, hence often considered the worst to install new roofing structures. Before the installation work, homeowners ought to consider the technical aspects of the roofing materials. New shingles require time to seal and develop airtight barriers that can withstand harsh weather conditions. Installing your roof in the fall gives the shingles ample time to create a barrier before the winter’s first snowfall. You need not wait when the winter begins while you could enhance its structure through timing.


In areas where the conditions favor roof installation during winter, it could be the best time to erect the structure. However, the roofing materials must allow installation without succumbing to the snow or posing dangers to the installation team. There is little work for the roofing contractors during the winter season, hence are keen to bang the doors to earn a coin. They are likely to lower the prices and even spend more time on your roof to give you the best.

If you live in the northern part of the US, you cannot install asphalt shingles during the period, as they do not seal in such conditions. The strip fails to adhere increasing the possibility of cracks, which lower the span of the roof. If you reside in the southern states, you can install you can get the high quality installation of your metal roof at a lower price.


While you need to have your roof installed quickly, you do not want to compromise the quality of the structure. You need to have the roofing contractor on the site, perhaps thinking less about other jobs. In that case, summer comes a perfect time for you to give your house a look that you need, through your preferred roof. With most people opting to go on vacations, it might be the best time for you to hire the roofing contractors.

It is a slow period for them hence likely to give you undue attention to your work. The three top holidays makes it perfect for you to plan the installation work at the start of July and the Labor Day. Unlike the winter season, you are not limited to the kind of roofing materials for your roofing or the geographical location.

To summarize when you are looking to have an Atlanta Roof installation or an Atlanta roof repair the weather not the season is the biggest factor in making that decision. Always use a professional Atlanta roofing contractor for your roofing needs.  There are many Atlanta roofers, All American Roofing & Construction is the best choice where price meets performance. 

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