Atlanta Roofing 101; Signs You Need Emergency Roof Replacement


Atlanta Roofing 101; Signs You Need Emergency Roof Replacement

25th OF January

Atlanta Roofing – You may not have thought about roof replacement until you notice some leaking edges and falling shingles. While every roofing material comes with a rated lifespan, different factors tend to eat away the structure before the expected time. Nonetheless, Atlanta roof repair from All American Roofing & Construction helps you monitor the system to avoid damages that could cost you more or inconvenience. You need not wait until the roof falls apart while you can monitor the following signs to initiate repairs.

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Tron Shingles

For most people, winds of about 50mph do not count when it comes to roofing destruction. When you are indoors, you probably cannot tell when such winds blow, let alone imagine the possible damage they cause over time. Done well, Atlanta roofing is likely to withstand winds of high intensity but that change with the age of the structure. For an old roof, the same wind could lead to damages that warrant emergency repair. You need not wait until the shingles are exposed to hire professional Atlanta roofing services.

The Winter Season

During the winter season, snow and ice tend to cover the better part of the roof. The two components are known to cause massive erosion of the hillside and that of the entire roof. With snow accumulation being a common occurrence during winter, the ice poses the dangers of destroying the structure. Homeowners ought to observe for the formation of ice under the loose shingles that often lead to cracks on expansion.

Physical Impact

Other than weather elements, contact with the roofing asserts pressure on the joints that could initiate wear and tear. The effect of the contact depends on the age of the materials as well as the intensity of the pressure mounted on the surface. While trees provide the natural breeze, they could lose branches to your home, which leaves punctures on the surface. If people step on the roof for maintenance, you may consider a roofing inspection to prevent massive damages.

Presence of Animals

Other than growing trees on your compound, you might be thrilled by the presence of animals running over your roof. A flock of native birds gives you a stunning sight while causing no damage to the materials. However, animals like raccoons, squirrels and woodpeckers tend to make holes on the trusses and make nests that cause harm to the surface of the roof. If they are present on your roof, it could be time to inspect the roof for holes and leaks.

Falling Gutters

Lose gutters may not appear a roofing issue but could be the reason for the troubles on the show structure. Poorly kept gutters tend to hold debris, snow, and ice, which causes water back-ups, often associated with leaks and damaged shingles.

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