Atlanta Roof Repair & Installation; What Are the Main Causes of Leaky Roof?


Atlanta Roof Repair & Installation; What Are the Main Causes of Leaky Roof?

29th OF February

No one wants to have to keep on running for a bucket when it rains in Atlanta. Not only is it impractical to stay ahead of the weather forecast to get your buckets handy for leaks, it is also annoying to have those leaks as it can lead to significant damage to the interior of your home if the real cause is not discovered early and not repaired promptly. However, since water can travel outward from the area where a leak occurs, it is a little difficult to zone in on the exact cause of the leak.

Figuring out and locating the source of a leak is not an exact science, rather it is a process of elimination since a roof leak may have multiple contributing factors and may not always be the direct result of one specific problem associated with the roof.

In an effort to help you save time and money, All American Roofing & Construction, one of Atlanta’s top roofing contractors has compiled a list of common reasons for roof leaks.

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  • Skylights – leaks from improperly installed skylights are easy to spot. You can easily notice wet spots around the area of your skylights if that is the cause of leaks. There are two causes of this problem: first is incorrectly measuring and fitting the skylights upon installation and second is decayed insulation along the skylights edges.

  • Gutters – gutters clogged with leaves and other debris can slow down or completely cut off the flow of water off your roof, giving rainwater time to soak through and seep through cracks. To prevent leaks caused by this problem, always clean out your gutters or consider installing gutter covers to keep out debris from getting stuck in the gutters.

  • Valleys – these are areas where two planes of roof are connected together. Since valleys are usually sloped, if not sealed properly water can get in and run down the roof, that is why it is important that you get professional help from an Atlanta roofing company to ensure that the valleys are properly sealed and leak proof. Leaks in valleys is a complex problem so do not try to fix it yourself or hire someone who is not properly trained to fix the issue as it may only cost you more in the long run.

  • Chimney – sometimes leaks are caused by a cracked chimney. You can try looking for signs of wear and tear along the mud cap of your chimney or mortared area around its top. You should also check for any holes in the mortared joints where the chimney is attached to the roof. Do not forget to be on the lookout for loose flashing and shingles around the base of your chimney.

  • Flashing – metal roof flashing are used to seal roof transitions (under shingles and on the joints of your roof) where a considerable amount of water run down or where absorption may transpire. Flashing is used where the roof joins a dormer, around edges of skylights or around protrusions in the roof like vents. Broken flashing usually features large cracks and happens when the tar used to seal the flashing together corrodes because of age or due to exposure to wind and rain. To avoid this problem, you should call a reputable Atlanta roofing contractor to get your roof flashing checked at least once a year.  

  • Roof Vents – vents are designed to expel heat and moisture from inside the house to the outdoors so it has to be sealed properly to prevent leaks. If the flashing around a roof vent is broken and cracked, water will leak into the roof. You should inspect the gaskets around vent pipes for cracks or gaps and check for missing nails. Left unchecked and in disrepair, cracked roof vents can cause the surrounding area to decay.

  • Moss – if moss is not removed from your roof it can thicken overtime and its roots can break the seals between shingles. If not dealt with in a timely manner the roots of the moss can lift the shingles off the roof and cause moisture to seep inside the house.

  • Attic Condensation – check your attic from time to time and take note of mildew, molds or mustiness. The leak could be caused by a hole in the roof or from condensation that forms when warm air inside the house rises and chills as it reaches the attic. Proper ventilation and insulation is usually the solution for this kind of problem.

  • Shingles – when you look up and check out your roof after a storm and see different colored patches on your roof or you see shingles lying around your yard then most likely strong winds or hail knocked them off. Call an Atlanta roofing company to get it fixed immediately.

  • Ice Dams – these are ridges of ice that formed at the edge of the roof that hinders melting snow from flowing off the roof onto the ground. The weight of the ice alone can already damage the roof and add to it the amount of water just sitting on the roof’s surface. You can either invest in a roof rake, use ice melt products or call a professional roofing company and ask for solutions if you experience ice dam problems in winter.  

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